The Metaverse is a space that offers extraordinary sharing opportunities, a place in which the virtual experience becomes a tool for artistic enjoyment and beyond.

DART Dynamic Metaverse, the Metaverse created by DART Dynamic Art Museum, represents a fundamental step in the construction of a museum project in continuous evolution. This digitally created exhibition space constitutes a great opportunity to make the exhibitions usable for a time that goes beyond the “physical” duration of the Museum. The creation of the DART Dynamic Metaverse allows the realization of customized viewing and guided tours with collectors and visitors wherever they are, staying connected in real time. The exhibitions will feature classic, modern and contemporary artists, NFT works, collectibles and unique pieces, within an exhibition itinerary that will host collective and personal exhibitions as well as exclusive projects designed for the DART exhibition spaces.



How can I access into the DART Dynamic Metaverse?

If you are accessing from pc/Mac or smartphone/tablet click on JOIN ROOM instead if you are accessing from Oculus/VR click ENTER ON DEVICE


Enter your name or nickname

Click on change avatar and choose your avatar. Click on ACCEPT to login


Microphone Setup

Select your devices for audio, set audio and microphone devices, then click on ENTER ROOM


Via Filippo Turati, 34, Milan

c/o Museo Della Permanente

Opening Hours 

Monday to Friday: 10AM – 7PM 

Saturday to Sunday: 11AM – 7PM

Last Entrance: 6PM