DART is a new dynamic art museum format.

DART will exhibit ever-different artists and artworks from multiple periods of art history which no one would usually have access to, thanks to an existing Network of private collectors globally spread, a Network that will become one of the largest Collectors community.

DART is the first physical museum space in the world to present a large scale of NFT Art with 72 NFT artists and over 140 artworks.


By presenting important artworks, DART Dynamic Art Museum aims to introduce the public to some of the most important periods of art history, from ancient to contemporary, with a focus to the present and the latest trends.  

Thanks to an existing network of private collectors spread globally, DART set up temporary exhibitions that feature artworks that the public wouldn’t normally have access to, since they belong to privates.

Contrary to most traditional museums with a permanent collection, DART is “dynamic” because it offers works in constant rotation, giving a comprehensive understanding of the art movements in question and its main figures, making it a unique experience.

Pier Giulio Lanza
Founder and Sole Director


Enter and enjoy the experience in DART Dynamic Metaverse.


Are you an art lover? You can get a membership card that will allow you to take part to the events and get free access to the Museum.


Via Filippo Turati, 34, Milan

c/o Museo Della Permanente

Opening Hours 

Monday to Friday: 10AM – 7PM 

Saturday to Sunday: 11AM – 7PM

Last Entrance: 6PM